back pain

Back pain is unfortunately quite common. While it's best to seek treatment for chronic pain, these easy back pain remedies can help you manage aches and pains at home. At Lake State Chiropractic in Byron Center, we can work with you to relieve your symptoms and keep your back healthy.

Tips for Back Pain Relief

If you're struggling with back pain, and you need fast relief, there are several things you can do at home that can ease stiffness, aches, and pains. For the best results, try combining a few at-home treatments.

Get Up and Move Around

You might want to curl up and lie down if you're in pain, but moving around is better for your body. When you're physically active, it promotes good blood circulation, which can help reduce pain. Regular exercise can also help keep the muscles in your back strong.

Try Therapeutic Stretches

A good stretch can provide immediate relief from back pain. Over time, stretching can also help you strengthen the muscles in your abdominal core, which can give your back more support. Ask our chiropractor to show you a few therapeutic stretches that you can do at home.

Use Ice to Soothe Inflammation

If the skin on your back is swollen or hot to the touch, your back is likely inflamed. You can get fast relief by applying ice to the area. While ice can provide fast relief, it's best not to use an ice pack for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Try a Heating Pad

When your back feels stiff, heat can do more to relieve your pain than cold. A heating pad can help relax your muscles, making it easier for you to move around.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Byron Center, MI

Back pain remedies can help ease your pain while you're at home, but if you're struggling with chronic back pain, it's best to see a chiropractor. At Lake State Chiropractic in Byron Center, we will work to determine what is causing your back pain so that we can provide a more effective treatment. Call our team today at (616) 277-4024 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.