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Welcome Hayden James Sundberg!

On 8/18/2021 we welcomed a new member to the Lake State Chiropractic team. She was adjusted shortly after birth as she did endure a rather trying birthing process (as do Read More

Massage and Chiropractic

We are proud to announce that on June 28th we will be adding a massage therapist to our team here at Lake State Chiropractic. We are excited for the benefits Read More

Proper Stretching

           We all know that stretching is a important part of keeping our body healthy for athletic activities but some people do not yet know how Read More

The Three T's of Dis-ease

How do identify causes of disease in your life and modify for better health. Read More

Is Chiropractic Right for Children?

Chiropractic for children Read More

Why I became a Chiropractor

chiropractic and migraine headaches Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts